so i was browsing pinterest the other night and i came across this beautiful shot of a waterfall and glowing blue-green swimming hole. i automatically assume it is in some super exotic location, but immediately repin it anyway. i decide to check out where the image is from and discover that it is actually in arizona at the base of the grand canyon! i immediately start plotting to visit this place and find out you must first hike 10 miles in the sun down to the bottom (or you can charter a helicopter or ride a donkey) and then you are free to swim in the pool and then spend the night in the canyon or hike ten miles back out. hmmm. so i go tell the boy “we have to go to this place its amazing! la la la” and he asks to see the picture, so I show him and he is like, “oh my nephew when there when he was in arizona” haha for some reason this annoyed me because i always like being the first to visit a place and then go tell everyone about it but nonetheless he agreed and now we are going :)

images via google

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