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  • Posted 24th January 2012

one of my favorite photographers recently captured my absolute FAVORITE interior designer (of all time forever and ever)’s beautiful malibu mansion. see them all here.


  • Posted 1st January 2012

new year, new favorite artist. i think im off to a good start.
see more of dane lovett’s amaaaazing work here.


  • Posted 31st December 2011

goodbye 2011. hello birthday, 22 and 2012.
i think this year is gonna be a good one.


  • Posted 24th December 2011

i cant get enough of these bold colors from dsquared2’s prefall collection!
via studded hearts

porcelain diamonds.

  • Posted 21st December 2011

i would love for 1 or 5 of these amazing porcelain diamond necklaces created by Tero Kuitunen to end up in my stocking. they are currently being sold in the weekday carnival shop. hint hint. too bad there are only 4 more days until christmas!!


  • Posted 21st December 2011

i lied about taking a break, i was totally planning to until i came across all this amazing stuff. like this recent interview by Freunde von Freunden. its pretty much the most amazing home ever. see tons more images and interview here.


  • Posted 20th December 2011

im taking a little break for the holidays, which is why my posts have been slowly trickling in. i have been wrapping up some projects and have some new exciting things coming up in 2012. i will definitely continue pinterest-ing and tumblr-ing but i promise to pick back up after christmas and my birthday (NYE)!
Happy Holidays!


  • Posted 11th December 2011

i kinda love new york artist aurel schmidt, tiny vices says “Downtown New York sensation Aurel Schmidt is a drawer, socialite and erotic photographer. Often seen at Lit lounge trolling for teenagers, she also enjoys tanning and swimming.” nice. see more of her work here, i love it.


  • Posted 8th December 2011

i kinda love this painting but i cannot figure out who the artist is! i know i have photos of a house saved somewhere with lots of work by this artist but i cant remember where. anyone know who it is?


can i spend my holiday here?

  • Posted 8th December 2011

this looks exactly like what i need to get over my seasonal stuffy nose and sore throat. a weekend trip to the warm and wildly colorful Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona! Apparently it is pretty new and was “inspired by the contemporary architecture of Mexico and the Arizona desert… designed around the color and light of the surrounding landscape.” sounds good to me!



  • Posted 8th December 2011

i love these oversize paintings by young australian artist Marc Freeman that i found on the design files. the vibrant colors and layering is kinda dreamy i’d love to see these in person and learn more about his technique.


  • Posted 4th December 2011

love these photos from marie claire south africa i found on oracle fox. btw i know ive been a super slacker but ive been continuously updating my tumblr if you happen to be starved for some inspiration.


  • Posted 28th November 2011

oh todd selby. you never cease to amaze me. i am so in love with Angelika Taschen’s Berlin home. its so simple yet impossibly glamourous. although the fact that angelika is ammmaaazing and id love to have her job doesnt hurt.


  • Posted 27th November 2011

i love love love these paintings by california artist Doug Glovaski. They remind me of Rothko and my trip to the aquarium. He has a lot of interesting pieces posted on his tumblr, definitely worth taking a peek.


  • Posted 26th November 2011

i spent my thanksgiving holiday in atlanta and one of the things we did while there was visit the georgia aquarium. it was definitely and unforgettable experience. i felt like a little kid the entire time. some of the exhibits were typical of a zoo but i few were pretty mind blowing. i just kept thinking how crazy it is that nature created all of these amazing colors.


  • Posted 24th November 2011


  • Posted 23rd November 2011

i love these photos shot by Theo Wenner for Self Service. The girls all look like they are still pondering a decision or discovery from the night before and have been so wrapped up in the future they’ve stayed up all night in their outfits from the party.


  • Posted 22nd November 2011

wow! these are amazing and there are about 100 more here. and here.


  • Posted 22nd November 2011

once again im lost for words. perfection. via dti


  • Posted 22nd November 2011

i swear i have a new artist crush every other day. today and for a while its gotta
be brooklyn based artist, vince contarino. i mean seriously? how amazing.


  • Posted 22nd November 2011

in the make is one of my favorite websites. Their latest post featured uber talented artist Gabriel Schama. His pieces are so detailed and intricate it’s seriously blowing my mind.


  • Posted 11th November 2011

thank god it’s friday! i’ve been a bit lazy with the posts lately but only because i’ve been so busy with my million other little projects. although i did just buy a snazzy new camera with some vintage lenses and such, so things are gonna get real interesting around here once i figure out how to use it :)



  • Posted 5th November 2011

the pieces themselves are striking but it was the photography that caught my eye.



  • Posted 5th November 2011

i have been playing with watercolor a lot these last few weeks and after finding
the lovely moniquilla lookbook i am so so inspired.


  • Posted 3rd November 2011

The new Martin Margiela Beijing flagship store looks pretty amazing. The multi-floor boutique, sells the complete range from its apparel, accessories, and home collections. I love the use of wood and concrete and the aluminum slide to get from the second to first floor.


  • Posted 3rd November 2011

Now that Halloween has passed I am already in the mood for hot chocolate and christmas movies. Aerin Lauder’s home looks like the perfect winter escape.



  • Posted 30th October 2011

just found my favorite home of the day, too bad it’s in berlin.
it’s lovely non-the-less, see more pictures of it here.

animals at home.

  • Posted 30th October 2011

i love this series entitled “interiors” by brazilian artist Ana Elisa Egreja. I am generally drawn to more abstract paintings, but i’ve always had a thing for realist and surrealist works.


  • Posted 29th October 2011

Tory Burch co-founder opens first flagship concept store in Soho! Love love love! I want to visit so bad, all of the Tory Burch stores are amazing and the C. Wonder flagship store does not disappoint. Apparently, you can monogram almost anything in the store, customize the music and lighting in your dressing room, and make purchases right there from your iPhone.. not to mention how much i love the graphics. Sweet.


  • Posted 29th October 2011

there is a reason i am obsessed with desire to inspire, because those two lovely ladies are constantly posting homes like this for me to obsess over.


  • Posted 29th October 2011

i think i forgot to mention i started a new tumblr, called mylaapt to collect inspiration for my future place in california (hence the name). im thinking the boy and i will end up in a small studio or 1b first so i need ideas on how to
furnish such a small space. enjoy.


  • Posted 29th October 2011

idk who this guy is or what he does but he looks like a pretty cool dude to me.



  • Posted 29th October 2011

Cape Town based designer, Jordan Metcalf has a pretty amazing portfolio, but it seemed especially appropriate to look at right before halloween.


  • Posted 27th October 2011

i am absolutely drooling over this kitchen! im so sad i found it on tumblr without a link to the original source. id love to see the rest of the house.


  • Posted 27th October 2011

one of the best process films I have ever seen, of a pair of artists creating a mural together.

[vimeo w=470&h=264]



  • Posted 27th October 2011

love. love. LOVE this new shoot by free people.


  • Posted 22nd October 2011

look what i found on d*s the other day! auuhmazing home of fashion designer gretchen jones. love. see full article here.



  • Posted 22nd October 2011

i’ve had photos of this loft saved in my inspiration folder for idk how long. i just came across it again on ideastosteal and fell in love all over again. now my beau would never go for all this pink but i could definitely reinterpret this look with a few more masculine colors.


  • Posted 22nd October 2011

i have been a fan of photographer kari herer for a long time. although, i jsut recently discovered that she was the photographer behind the beautiful flower & antler images i had seen floating around the internet. many of herer’s prints are available on her etsy here.


  • Posted 12th October 2011

i dont know what it is, but lately i have really had a thing for giant maps. here are 3 photos i came across on tumblr recently that i just love.


  • Posted 12th October 2011

how fun are these colorful slingshots crafted by london based designer christopher jarratt? each is made from a found forked tree branch, so no two are alike. i think they would make super great gifts! you can order them here. now if i could only decide on a color.

see more photos here.


  • Posted 11th October 2011

i have seen this home on at least 3 other blogs, buuuut its just so amazing and perfect i had to show it again. LOVE! originally posted here.


  • Posted 7th October 2011

how cool is this place? the youth factory in Merida, Spain was built by a husband wife duo to help attract the restless, unemployed street youth and keep them off the streets by providing them with a place to skateboard, dance, climb rocks, create graffiti — whatever they would otherwise do in much more sinister surroundings. via the cool hunter.


  • Posted 7th October 2011

i was browsing my tumblr archives and came across these beautiful plant photos. i have no idea of their original sources (my biggest issue with tumblr) but they are amazing nonetheless. these would make great watercolor paintings..


  • Posted 5th October 2011

beautiful! sadly they are not available in english yet and I cannot read the website, not that i would mind having a copy in a foreign language..



  • Posted 3rd October 2011

just another reason why i need to get back to california asap. before march 25th to be exact. LACMAhas a new exhibition coming that is the first major study of California midcentury modern design. With more than 300 objects—furniture, ceramics, metalwork, fashion and textiles, and industrial and graphic design—the exhibition examines the state’s role in shaping the material culture of the entire country. amazing. but the MAIN reason i want to go, is because Charles and Ray Eames’ untouched living room has been relocated and reassembled, piece by piece, at LACMA for the exhibition!


  • Posted 29th September 2011

have i mentioned my obsession with globes & world maps? well if not, i definitely have one, and when i was these colorful creations by these are things, i instantly fell in love. they have a cute little story about how they were actually searching for a modern map to document their travels and when they couldnt find one they decided to just make one themselves (how clever us designers can be) and a year later it has become their specialty! i need one immediately! although I am having trouble deciding on a color :)


  • Posted 29th September 2011

my to visit in los angeles list is getting longer and longer everyday. the newest addition to the list is this new Los Angeles based pastry shop Fruute, who found their match made in sweet tooth heaven when they hired Ferro Concrete to brand their mouth watering bakery concept.

“We are like fruit matchmakers.” they said when speaking about their philosophy, but they seem to have matched a lot more than fruit to create these unforgettable pieces of food art. yum!


  • Posted 29th September 2011

German artist Martin Pfeifle’s art installations always relate to their environment, the exhibition space itself becomes his art piece while allowing viewers to move around it. During the last couple years, Martin has created some beautiful installations always playing with colors and geometric elements.

His latest ‘Rotemartha’ installation was installaed in the former imperial abbey of Aachen-Kornelimünster. It consists of a series of long tinted film strips in six different shades of red. The strips are tied together to create a supper long band that stretches throughout one entire floor of the abbey.

I would love to see this in person! The architecture of the room is beautiful itself, let alone being wrapped in hot pink!



  • Posted 27th September 2011

i will do a better post about aureta another day, (i am being lazy) but if you love fashion blogs as much as i do then her’s is a must see.


  • Posted 27th September 2011

amazing collages by swedish jewelry design studen George Chamoun. the idea was to work with movie icons from two different eras. The project combines several themes and concepts such as ideals, anatomy and Hollywood patterns against the factor of time. According to Chamoun, his intention was not to make comparisons of any sort, but rather to emphasize the structural aspect as well as the existent similarities, in spite of the era. interesting.


  • Posted 27th September 2011

“What do you do when something is so out of reach?” well if you are super amazing and stop it right now, then you marry your love of fashion and skateboarding, and throw the two components into these perfect planks of wood! Based on the iconic fashion print of 2011 by Céline.



  • Posted 26th September 2011

these dreamy alien-esque paintings by kelly tunstall have got to be my new favorite! i want someone to make a movie or cartoon from her beautiful (kinda creepy) girly characters. the mermaids are my favorite, and her use of color and pattern have once again filled me with inspiration. her portfolio is a must see, i wanted to blog everything but it was gonna get ridiculous, def check it out.


  • Posted 25th September 2011

today is my guy’s birthday, he’s turned a grand old twenty-two.


  • Posted 14th September 2011

ive never been so envious, this is some seriously amazing oil painting! i am dying to go raid the art store and paint portraits of everyone now. kirsten mccrea is absolutely my new hero. this project, entitled HOT TOPIC is a series of 60 paintings of feminist icons, based on the Le Tigre song of the same name. you can see more of the project on her blog here. i discovered the project here on art hound (also my new fav).


  • Posted 14th September 2011

how do you explain being more than obsessed with something? check out The Vamoose and you will understand. The Vamoose is a one-woman operation created and maintained by Kathryn Blackmore. Designed and handmade in the United Kingdom, their pieces are inspired by natural history, a growing collection of vintage finds and an exploration of traditional crafts with modern influences. love.



  • Posted 14th September 2011

two of my very favorites from NYFW.

j. crew spring 2012: source

oscar de la renta spring 2012: source


  • Posted 14th September 2011

“Starting in 1935, Russell Vernon Hunter & Chapman of the Library of Anthropology in Santa Fe set out to develop a portfolio of Navajo blankets spanning 1840-1910- several of their selections can be seen here.” Is really is an impressive collection and an amazing source of inspiration.

via an ambitious project collapsing


  • Posted 6th September 2011

i just got back from my mini vacay, am too tired to blog and gotta spend some time with my beau. but if you’re looking for inspiration you can check out my tumblr or pinterest.


  • Posted 5th September 2011

labor day weekend in asheville, nc. my dad had great plans to go hiking but mother nature had other ideas seeing as it has been raining pretty much nonstop since we arrived. nonetheless we have had a great time so far driving up the blue ridge mountain parkway and hanging out at the laaff festival downtown. let the adventures continue. enjoy!


  • Posted 1st September 2011

so one click led to another and about 5 links down the line i discovered cartype,
a website devoted to automobiles and their typography, and the lovely vw shopvans.



  • Posted 1st September 2011

there are not words for how in love i am with michael cina‘s artwork. not words. you must go look at his portfolio. he as about 50 pieces, each just as beautiful as the last.



  • Posted 26th August 2011

i will do posts that actually mean something another day. for now, anther grouping of random images i feel look nice together.

via my tumblr


  • Posted 26th August 2011

my pinterest has been making me immensely happy lately, creating these crazy image combos all by itself, catching my eye and giving me all sorts of inspiration.


  • Posted 26th August 2011

have you looked at the coveteur lately? you might wanna check it out.


  • Posted 26th August 2011

these two images randomly  appeared next to each other on my pinterest and for some reason i couldnt stop looking at them together. so random, but they kinda work. i love how that happens.

1, 2


  • Posted 26th August 2011

i would have been all over these bookmobiles by etsy artist Lisa Occhipinti, my senior year. and to think i almost majored in bookmaking arts. love it.



  • Posted 24th August 2011

where have i been and why have i never heard of patternity, the London based design studio specialising in the discovery & application of pattern within the Fashion, Interior & Luxury fields??

Patternity consists of three core parts; an image RESOURCE featuring an archive of constantly updated patterned finds from around the world, an East London based studio where they work on a range of products, projects, designs, collaborations & consultations across the creative industries & also a curated online SHOP selling limited edition & one off patterned pieces.  Through these three areas they aim to encourage people to see, enjoy & be inspired by the patterned world around them.

check them out, they have some pretty amazing stuff, and a great resource feed of unconventional pattern inspiration.


  • Posted 24th August 2011

i feel like i am slowly but surely becoming a fan of modern homes. i have always liked how they looked but not the idea of living in one (if that makes sense). the caulfield house is changing my mind.



  • Posted 23rd August 2011

gorgeous italian tile from elle decor italia july-august 2011



  • Posted 23rd August 2011

so i was browsing pinterest the other night and i came across this beautiful shot of a waterfall and glowing blue-green swimming hole. i automatically assume it is in some super exotic location, but immediately repin it anyway. i decide to check out where the image is from and discover that it is actually in arizona at the base of the grand canyon! i immediately start plotting to visit this place and find out you must first hike 10 miles in the sun down to the bottom (or you can charter a helicopter or ride a donkey) and then you are free to swim in the pool and then spend the night in the canyon or hike ten miles back out. hmmm. so i go tell the boy “we have to go to this place its amazing! la la la” and he asks to see the picture, so I show him and he is like, “oh my nephew when there when he was in arizona” haha for some reason this annoyed me because i always like being the first to visit a place and then go tell everyone about it but nonetheless he agreed and now we are going :)

images via google


  • Posted 20th August 2011

i just ordered these two books, and if you love all things bohemian and 1970s you must too! i absolutely cannot wait for them to arrive in my little mailbox.

Gypset Style: Jetset + Gypsy = Gypset, is about an emberging group of artists, musicians, fashion designers, surfers, and bon vivants– who lead semi-nomadic, unconventional lives. order here or visit the website here.

the Pulp Art Book– “Neil Krug’s stylized photos of his girlfriend [now wife], the model Joni Harbeck, were taken with Polaroid film years past its sell-by date. They have the kind of grainy, sun-scorched feel of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. And ever since the couple began posting the photos on Flickr early this year, they’ve drawn a blaze of attention.” – The New York Times.

buy here or visit website here.



  • Posted 20th August 2011

i have blogged about the beautiful work of daniel egneus before, but while exploring inspiration for my own watercolor endeavors i couldnt resist revisiting his portfolio and showing his work again.


  • Posted 18th August 2011

need a new fashion blog to obsess over? gary pepper vintage is my new favorite! forgive me if i am waaay late, but the photography is gorgeous and it is a nice departure from most of the southern california / new york based sites. enjoy!


  • Posted 18th August 2011

these insect prints by french artist, E.A. Séguy, are beautiful! they have been floating around the internet for a while now but i just recently found a good collection of them and learned more about the artist. see more here.


  • Posted 18th August 2011

im beginning to realize that absolutely no matter how hard my generation tries, there is nothing you can do that has never been done. so does that mean stop trying? no. just something to think about.


  • Posted 14th August 2011

i was so inspired by the work of spencer studio (who i posted about yesterday) that i started a few water-color projects of my own, here is a sneak peek.


  • Posted 13th August 2011

i am fully aware how obsessed i am with artsy weddings and all of the creative little extras the cool couples throw in. i am especially in love with hand made invitations, while i LOVE letterpress, lately i have been really really into handmade, unperfect invites for that perfect day. First seen here, these hand painted save-the-dates, by spencer studio are just my style. (I love the art direction of the photos as well.)



  • Posted 10th August 2011

A mid-century classic I’m drooling over in São Paulo, Brazil. I need to become a real grown-up asap so that I can visit places like this all the time. See more pictures here, along with the apartment’s history and more information about its owner, architect Mauricio Arrudo.



  • Posted 10th August 2011

if you’re in the mood for daydreaming (unless you can actually afford these vacays) then you should check out my new fav welcome beyond, and pretend you are gonna fly to thailand and rent out this jaw dropping vacation home.


  • Posted 6th August 2011

i realize that i already posted a venice beach home this week, un-coincidentally also shot by photographer todd selby, but i just cannot help it. i’ve definitely got california on my brain lately.


  • Posted 6th August 2011

i am completely obsessed with this amazing lifestyle blog I came across a few weeks ago. the website is called “an afternoon with..” and is described as “a project about people. It is a project about our space and the things we keep and the things we don’t throw away. It is a project about looking for and finding connections we all have. It is about seeing yourself in these spaces.  Every picture is a portrait of the owner –  be it a room, an object or a view. Every portrait in the end becomes a self-portrait.”

an amazing read to spend a rainy evening browsing.


  • Posted 6th August 2011

drool worthy hippie-esque garden, found while browsing one of my new favorites, Terri Planty. enjoy!


  • Posted 3rd August 2011

At long last! Blü Magazine is finally live! I was super lucky to have the opportunity to art direct Blü’s biggest issue yet! Take a look here and feel free to order the full version here at the Blü Magazine Shop. Check out some of my favorites from issue 13.


  • Posted 3rd August 2011

Dan-ah Kim’s paintings are hauntingly beautiful. I was first introduced to her work while working on the upcoming issue of Blü Magazine. I especially love the titles she gives each piece: hunting my demons and these i steal for you.


  • Posted 30th July 2011

ive been trying to convince my beau that once we move to california we should become graffiti artists and that he can hold the ladder and be my lookout while i tag walls and old buildings with designs i’ve yet to come up with. after browsing the portfolio of brazilian artist, nuria mora, i am completely sold on the idea!


  • Posted 30th July 2011

i realize that i declare my love for different artists on a regular basis, but this guy mark warren jacques, has truly truly stolen my heart. although it seems like everyone (including myself) is making art with triangles and rainbows these days, jacques’ take on the subject is fresh. i am dying to order a few prints of his work but all of my favorites are sold out. horrible.


  • Posted 30th July 2011

i am kind of obsessed with international artists and textile designer, Karen Barbé doesn’t disappoint. Based in Santiago, Chile, Barbé has such a fun style that I am tempted to go to the art store and spend the afternoon crosstiching myself.


  • Posted 23rd July 2011

i love being a designer. and i love looking at great design, like this identity suite by charleston based stitch design co.


  • Posted 23rd July 2011


  • Posted 23rd July 2011

im obsessed with this photoshoot. the colors are amazing and the girl
is gorgeous, plus it has that cool retro/vintagey feeling without looking
forced or contrived.


  • Posted 23rd July 2011

some people are so creative! these painted antlers, madebycassandrasmith are just my style and definitely made me wish i’d thought of it first. im gonna buy one and hang my jewelry and rings on it.


  • Posted 23rd July 2011

pretty freakin’ amazing paintings by artist, beau chamberlain.

these are what my dreams look like.


  • Posted 18th July 2011

i was so excited to run across these photos from Proud Mary, a textile company that supports and empowers global artisans and their families while celebrating their beautiful work. LOVE.


  • Posted 17th July 2011

i LOVE collage. i saw this first image floating around pinterest for a few days and when i finally checked out its source i was blown away! dawn gardner is the artist and she is my new fav! im so inspired.


  • Posted 2nd July 2011

kind of creepy, but still really amazing paintings by contemporary artist,
chantal joffe.


  • Posted 2nd July 2011

so im still stalking everyone with awesome stuff to stack up inspiration for my portfolio revamp and move back to california. oraclefox is one of my favorite blogs, so i was super excited yesterday to see that mandy (the author) had posted amazing images of her workspace. i loved everything (of course) see all of the pictures and article here.


  • Posted 1st July 2011

yea so im totally crushing on indian photographer prabuddha dasgupta‘s portfolio, i cannot pronounce his name, but his work is STU-NNING! the colors are so rich and vibrant and the imagery so exotic and tasty. love love love. i want to hop on a plane now! (and subscribe to vogue india; damn international shipping!)

i know that was ridiculously long, but i just loove every one of his pictures. i need a coffee table book. goodnight.



  • Posted 30th June 2011

i am DYING to get my hands on one of terri planty‘s wonderful little terrariums, and when i found this cute little bunny with gold pants on etsy, i just knew it was meant to be.


  • Posted 30th June 2011

Such a cool project! “Fifty and Fifty is a curated project that attempts to construct a handsome new way of looking at our country. Fifty designers, one per state, will illustrate their state motto, creating something steeped in history but completely modern and unique: a kind of designer’s atlas.”


  • Posted 30th June 2011

i am soo inspired by University of Georgia student, Britt Bass‘ work. It is beautiful, free and just my style. According to Brittany, “The work takes on its own life, and the subconscious of the painting and [her] own intuition mutualistically guide the process.  Through layering, adding and omitting [she] explores this artistic relationship until it culminates into a whole, finished piece.” love.


  • Posted 23rd June 2011

i have been so busy lately it seriously doesnt make any sense. yet within my busy schedule i found the time to discover and become completely smitten with a new blog. smh. the-brick-house revolves around the renovation of a mid-century brick house in hemet, with plenty of realistic DIY’s and an endless supply of great furniture. enjoy!


  • Posted 23rd June 2011


  • Posted 23rd June 2011

check out more of ëlodie’s beautiful illustrations here.


  • Posted 18th June 2011

love sketchbooking as much as i do?? then join me and sign up to participate in the sketchbook project, a traveling exhibition of sketchbooks created by artists like you && me!! the deadline to sign up is october 2011 and then you have an ENTIRE YEAR to fill up the sketchbook they mail to you. it is $25 to participate, and you don’t get to keep your book, buuuut your artwork will be traveling all over the world, displayed permanently in the Brooklyn Art Library and available digitally online! totally cool right?? find out more here.


  • Posted 18th June 2011

my go-to guide for all things chic, fun and glittery. haha really such a cute tumblr, with some pretty fab pictures. the glitter guide.


  • Posted 18th June 2011

ive literally had a new favorite artist every week for the past month or so. spanish artist valero doval has gotten my attention this week. his portfolio is amazing and whimsical and i need to buy a print a s a p!


  • Posted 18th June 2011

oncewed is one of my favorite wedding blogs for inspiration. i wouldn’t say that im 100% percent ready to get married, but i get the itch every now and then (the beau && i are going on 5 years). this beautiful wedding has definitely got me thinking! i especially love love love the turquoise rings! see all of the photos here.


  • Posted 18th June 2011

over the past 2 weeks, i have been the absolute worst blogger ever! balancing work and life has never been one of my strong points, but i am working on it; in addition to masterminding me && my beau’s big move back to los angeles.
stay tuned :)



  • Posted 10th June 2011

words cannot describe how beautiful this room is. see more here. love.


  • Posted 9th June 2011

i would love to see this one day. the silent evolution, by jason decaires taylor, is only one of many differnt underwater sculptures spread throughout the ocean.

“Taylor’s interventions explore the intricate relationships that exist between art and environment. His works become artificial reefs, attracting marine life, while offering the viewer privileged temporal encounters, as the shifting sand of the ocean floor, and the works change from moment to moment.”


  • Posted 9th June 2011

i have really been into portraits lately and this one by canadian artist zoe pawlak is no exception.


  • Posted 9th June 2011

are these not the coolest collages ever! sanfran artist, kelly allen has completely captured my design heart. each piece is more beautiful and surreal than the next, and wanna know a secret? these are not even collages. they are paintings!!


  • Posted 7th June 2011

i have a new style blog crush! i was absolutely delighted to discover sincerely, jules by designer Julie Sarinana. i have seen so many of her pictures floating around the internet world lately; it is nice to finally know the source.

did i mention how much i love her hair?


  • Posted 5th June 2011

i was so inspired when i found this new book, by mike perry, and all of the amazing things it, that i signed my beau and i up for a screen printing class :) if you are local && interested you can find out more information here. I have always loved screen printing & the hands on quality of it, i am so excited to finally learn the technique myself.



  • Posted 5th June 2011

super cute packaging by london based studio, &smith


  • Posted 5th June 2011

Gotta love Keith Haring. The Arnhem Mode Biennale is a bi-annual cultural festival devoted to fashion, that runs for a month at the AzkoNobel building in Arnhem, Netherlands. This year, Artistic Director JOFF dedicated the festival to the theme of Amber, which he announced via love letter. The exhibition includes designs from 99 designers, including Prada, Ann-Sofie Back, Siki Im, BLESS, Damir Doma, Jil Sander, Margiela, Ohne Titel, and others.

(via v magazine: inside the arnhem mode biennale)


  • Posted 31st May 2011

a blog you need to love. beautiful photography. even more beautiful homes.


  • Posted 31st May 2011

a few hot swimsuits and various other items i need in my life, from my new new obsession: 80’s purple.


  • Posted 31st May 2011

another piece by veilhan, currently in paris. i thought this was pretty relevant seeing as i’m watching game 1 of the nba finals, miami vs dallas.


  • Posted 31st May 2011

i love these giant mobiles by xavier veilhan, they are so beautiful and somewhat peaceful and serene.


  • Posted 31st May 2011

i love when i discover sources, like this beautiful rebrand of claridge’s hotel in london, designed by london based firm Construct. ive had pieces of this project saved for over a year with no idea what they were for. i love the editorial design, you can see more on their blog, and the yummy combination of mint, black & white.

a lovely sidenote: some of the renovated rooms in the hotel were designed by Diane Von Furstenburg.


  • Posted 31st May 2011

ahhh new artist crush! check out more of his work here. its like beautiful,
organic, chaos. this is what my mind looks like.


  • Posted 31st May 2011

i dont know why i waited to long to post this! a few months ago, Mani O’Brien, a fellow fidm alumna, contacted me about featuring my work on the school digital arts blog. Mani was super patient with me as I got all of my stuff together :) and the article turned out great! You even get a sneak peak into the June issue of Blü Magazine. Check it out here.

The only change is that I am spending the summer working with MODE Visual, and no longer work with Se-va.


  • Posted 30th May 2011

a little late night post. Prince Lauder aka Carlos Guerrero, a very talented Mexican illustrator who uses mixed media to create beautiful drawings inspired mainly by fashion. i love his work!


  • Posted 30th May 2011

gorgeous pictures from zoe saldana’s recent spread in PRESTIGE Hong Kong.



  • Posted 29th May 2011

i will have shelves like this in my house one day.. seeing as i already have more than enough books.



  • Posted 29th May 2011

while browsing refinery29 (my new favorite) i came across a tour of opening ceremony’s kate foley’s place. her home is amazing, but what really caught my eye was her eclectic collection of designer toys. foley says her boyfriend turned her on to the toy culture and that she loves displaying and contrasting them with old objects such as wood, metal, and marble works. love. i am itching to find some of these cool bearbricks now myself.


  • Posted 29th May 2011

The Loneliest Whale in the World. In 2004, The New York Times wrote an article about the loneliest whale in the world. Scientists have been tracking her since 1992 and they discovered the problem: She isn’t like any other baleen whale. Unlike all other whales, she doesn’t have friends. She doesn’t have a family. She doesn’t belong to any tribe, pack or gang. She doesn’t have a lover. She never had one. Her songs come in groups of two to six calls, lasting for five to six seconds each. But her voice is unlike any other baleen whale. It is unique—while the rest of her kind communicate between 12 and 25hz, she sings at 52hz. You see, that’s precisely the problem. No other whales can hear her. Every one of her desperate calls to communicate remains unanswered. Each cry ignored. And, with every lonely song, she becomes sadder and more frustrated, her notes going deeper in despair as the years go by. Just imagine that massive mammal, floating alone and singing—too big to connect with any of the beings it passes, feeling paradoxically small in the vast stretches of empty, open ocean.



  • Posted 29th May 2011
[vimeo w=465&h=262]

Beautiful collage-like graffiti by UK based artist, HUSH, in los angeles at New Image Art.



  • Posted 27th May 2011

“Some people have to work for it, and some people are just born with excellent taste and polish positively oozing from every pore. Jewelry designer and style curator Mimi Jung is one such lady.”

I am absolutely smitten with this house tour from refinery29. i struggled not to show every picture, you will have to go check out the original for the full set, as well as the interview.

the entire house works together, you can easily see how the palette flows from one room right into the next, reinventing itself along the way.


  • Posted 27th May 2011

i am obsessed with this color palette; it reminds me of jcrew. styled by caroline van oel, and photographed by sander van den dosch, the neon colors sparkle against the stark neutral surroundings. i love the quiet simplicity of each image, i feel as if just beyond each setting there is music  and action happening and the photographer just captured a brief moment..


  • Posted 27th May 2011

super cool posters by the silent giants. they have a huge selection for sale plus an amazing portfolio to match!


  • Posted 27th May 2011

i am dying for one of these cute  lambskin leather pouches! i have been seeing them all over since american apparel began selling them, but I love the idea of a handmade one from etsy! (not to mention a much wider color selection) At Rennes le Chateau shop you can get one too-


  • Posted 22nd May 2011

omg i am loving this guy! canadian artist darren booth has such an amazing portfolio i cannot stop looking at everything over and over. his use of color and typography is so refreshing, but kinda trendy & retro, it looks like collage as well. ahhh i am so inspired!


  • Posted 22nd May 2011

Can you believe this is made from masking tape?? Artist Anna Garforth works with a diverse range of materials and skills to create unique and experimental work. So far her artworks have been used for public events, community projects, workshops, campaigns,publications and exhibitions. love.

check out more here.


  • Posted 21st May 2011

Matthew 24:36, Jesus is quoted “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father only”



  • Posted 20th May 2011

one of the things i love about pinterest and tumblr, is how the grid of images line up. i often get distracted going through my own tumblr archive just looking at the pictures.


  • Posted 18th May 2011

the next issue of blü magazine is coming out soon and i am super excited to have had the opportunity to work on issue no. 13! I will keep you posted for it’s release, in the mean time check out their website and look at all the past issues.


  • Posted 17th May 2011

while watching sex and the city 2, for the fifteenth time, i was reminded once again of how much i love carrie and big’s new apartment!



  • Posted 14th May 2011

i love everything about this.



  • Posted 14th May 2011

each year the french ministry of culture and communication invites a leading artist to create a work that responds to the exceptional architectural space of the grand palais in paris. this year, indian-born artist anish kapoor created an installation inside the nave of the glass-domed hall.

while the exterior may appear to be opaque and aubergine in color, the inside, which visitors are welcome to enter, is a translucent cherry red.

leviathan’ by anish kapoor
grand palais, paris
may 11 to june 23rd, 2011

via design boom


  • Posted 14th May 2011

hello home, i have finally found you. i am completely smitten with this town home, i found while browsing desire to inspire, tucked neatly in london. the architecture && decor is completely my style; it is a fabulous juxtaposition of classical architecture with contemporary and vintage furnishings. ahhh.


  • Posted 13th May 2011

lately i have had this weird fixation on world maps, it must be linked to my desire to get out and explore the world; none the less i came across these BEAutiful “future” maps, designed by british co. the future map company. the color is stunning && i am dying to order one.. of each :)


  • Posted 13th May 2011

love the piling of the bangles, charm bracelets, watch, etc. the lime stitching & pattern is great too.



  • Posted 10th May 2011

the new new issue of lonny is live! they have a feature from their office make-over && i love it!


  • Posted 10th May 2011

pretty pretty. backstage pictures from the alice mccall show in australia.


  • Posted 10th May 2011

photographer irina werning’s back to the future collection is fascinating. she took old home photos and recreated them. that sounds pretty basic but the results are really cool.


  • Posted 10th May 2011

wow. sanfran based designer, john soat, is AMAZING! he is one of those designers that makes you sick just looking at his work because of how fantastic, detailed, and creative it truly is. i love it. you must look at his website i was tempted to post a picture of everything. enjoy.


  • Posted 10th May 2011

i took off a few days for a much needed break. now i am back && fully rested.
let the daily posts continue!


  • Posted 6th May 2011

debra broz via the jealous curator


  • Posted 6th May 2011

i know that mara hoffman’s swim 2011 line debuted last summer buuut i love every piece in it! mh is one of my favorite designers, every piece is so artistic. i am going to have to splurge this summer because i cannot stop thinking about this bikini.

mara hoffman’s blog is amazing too! i wanted to repin, blog, and tumblr every picture.


  • Posted 5th May 2011

check out my new tumblr! i finally got around to updating the theme.


  • Posted 5th May 2011

i am dying to visit marc jacobs’ new boutique bookstore.


  • Posted 5th May 2011

camilla freeman of camilla and marc. i love this space, i really like how she paired the dusty rose sofa with the zebra striped rug, an unlikely combination but somehow it works.



  • Posted 5th May 2011

just incase i am not the only one that was still looking for the flip-style clock screensaver.. i have discovered its location and am sharing it with you, enjoy!


  • Posted 4th May 2011

happy birthday kimora! you are fabulous && my favorite :)


  • Posted 3rd May 2011

Beautiful couture embroidered wallpapers by Claire Cole. These are so pretty and delicate looking, I would love to see them up close.


  • Posted 3rd May 2011

my favorites from the 2011 Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala

brown dress with white dots.

  • Posted 2nd May 2011

there is something nice about browsing a tumblr that keeps with a theme. when you look at mine its like bllaaaahah because i like too many things and just blog everything i like. brown dress with white dots has a beautiful collection of warm, stark, earthy images. you have to look at the archive to really see the pattern because even though they are all pretty random images they feel like they belong together.


  • Posted 2nd May 2011

one of the most beautiful weddings i have seen (and i have stalked quite a few). shot at the figueroa hotel by one of my favorite photographers, elizabeth messina. i just cannot get over the bride’s dress! i love nontraditional weddings and this one just seems so effortless.


  • Posted 2nd May 2011

wall graphics are so popular now but they really are such an easy inexpensive way to display large scale artwork.. as long as they aren’t cheesy. blik has an amazing selection. i love these two by artist david bray.


  • Posted 2nd May 2011


  • Posted 2nd May 2011

ahh when can i get mine done! apparently this is peter lindbergh’s macbook, a gift from p diddy, engraved by artist jona cerwinske. love it.



  • Posted 2nd May 2011

anthropologie may 2011 catalogue. i want to jump into every one of these photos; the scenery is so beautiful. i am almost positive it was shot in india.

updated website!

  • Posted 2nd May 2011

i finally got around to revamping my website with a bit of inspiration from one of my coworkers :) you can check it out here and let me know what you think. it isn’t 100% finished i still have some images resizing & editing but otherwise enjoy! i admit most of the projects are the same i will be updating it with my new projects in the next week or two. bon voyage.


  • Posted 1st May 2011

elisa sednaoui


  • Posted 1st May 2011

i love this space, the new flagship store for cynthia vincent.

materialistic philosophy.

  • Posted 1st May 2011

new tumblr crush! materialisticphilosophy has a great collection of photography, the only downside is that most of the sources are not cited.

” ‘I SIT DOWN & PONDER’ Upon what, exactly? Maybe the recent outburst of revolution that had struck civilization. To speculate on our beliefs of social alienation and totalitarianism… I dare you to sit, maybe under an oak tree on beautiful Spring’s day my friends. Tell me what it is that you ruminate upon.”
-Calvin Kunateh


  • Posted 1st May 2011

amazing packaging! Tempt Cider, a Danish brand designed by DDB Denmark, found while browsing the dieline. I wish these were sold in america! I would have a hard time throwing them away :)


  • Posted 30th April 2011


  • Posted 25th April 2011

i love projects like this. TRASH is a public art project for urban beautification and environmental awareness using artist-created trash bags to transform standard piles of trash into vivid sculptures of color through the participation of local business owners and residents. love it.

bohemian wedding.

  • Posted 25th April 2011

this is how you do a beach wedding. if you were wondering. amazing.


my vibe. my life.

  • Posted 25th April 2011

i am quite literally in love with kelly wearstler. she is the most fabulous interior designer in the entire world. entire. my mom bought me one of her books, HUE, for christmas and now im obsessed and need the others. i wouldn’t want to live in these rooms.. just visit them all the time.

you can check out kelly’s blog here.

bona drag.

  • Posted 23rd April 2011

Came across this cute little shop while browsing dlf, shop online here

not all who wander are lost.

  • Posted 22nd April 2011

God I love creative people! Wendy Gold uses vintage globes to create one of a kind pieces of art. I had seen the butterfly globe passed around the internet but I never knew the source or that there were so many more! You can even order a custom made one! The creativity in people never ceases to amaze me. Wendy’s blog is pretty cool too, enjoy!

happy weekend.

  • Posted 21st April 2011

i am starting to celebrate the weekend early! happy easter holiday!



  • Posted 19th April 2011

i am definitely going next year.. if the tickets do not sell out immediately lol



  • Posted 18th April 2011

i plan on decorating my apartment just like this. :)

vis houzz


  • Posted 18th April 2011

Judith Supine describes LADYBOY significance as “the marriage of opposites in one person — comparable to the technique of collage, combining seemingly disparate images to reveal something that wasn’t previously apparent”. An intimate encounter by the artist with a ladyboy in Bangkok served as the stimulus for this exhibition.” – via myloveforyou

tim burton.

  • Posted 18th April 2011

god i love good graphic design. i found these amazing tim burton movie posters on fubiz, although it isnt in english so i cannot tell you anything about the designer.

love shoot.

  • Posted 16th April 2011

tamera mowry’s engagement shoot. so pretty.



  • Posted 14th April 2011

1, 2

loft please.

  • Posted 14th April 2011

sorry about the apartment obsession but I am moving soon and need all the ideas && inspiration i can get.

desire to inspire

this right here. v2.

  • Posted 13th April 2011

A few weeks ago I posted photos of Jessica Stam’s New York apartment. I didn’t realize that those photos were a revamp of her original decor. I am not sure which I like best! the new version or the original!

Elle Decor 2008


  • Posted 13th April 2011

one of my favorite online magazines Lonnymag just partnered with Traditional Home and TRADhome was born! Here are a few of my favorites but you must look for yourself!


  • Posted 11th April 2011

although slightly short lived i loved every moment of this trend.

my tumblr archives

aled lewis.

  • Posted 11th April 2011

i know these have been all over everyone else’s blogs and pinterest’s and walls haha but i just could not resist they are so clever and cute. love love love. you can order prints from inPRNT. im the giraffe :)

aj fosik. woah.

  • Posted 11th April 2011

aj fosik makes these amazing folk art masks from paint wood and nails. i just discovered them today, crazy.

found it here.

la belle juliette

  • Posted 11th April 2011

desire to inspire is my favorite interior design blog. this post from last week is AMAZING! La Belle Juliette is a 4-star hotel in Paris that I absolutely must visit, even if it is just to walk through the different rooms and take pictures. i die, i love it so much. this is what my house will look like.


  • Posted 8th April 2011

i’ve been feeling pretty lovey and happy lately, must be all this time spent with my cute beau :)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5


  • Posted 7th April 2011

this music. him + her. that room.

1, 2, 3, 4


  • Posted 7th April 2011

my next set of business cards will definitely be letterpress.. with colored edges. i am really into this trend right now.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5

5 inch and up.

  • Posted 6th April 2011

i posted these shoes earlier today from pinterest, and then while browsing bloglovin’ (i spend too much time on the computer) i found the full photoshoot on the blog 5 inch and up!

california dreaming.

  • Posted 6th April 2011

some days i really miss california. especially the amazing flea markets.

via song of style

coco part 2.

  • Posted 6th April 2011

did i mention that coco‘s prints are also scarfs and dresses?? & the photoshoot with the giraffe is just icing on the cake for me.

find them here

coco part 1.

  • Posted 6th April 2011

I was browsing one of my favorite blogs when I came across this amazing French artist, Coco. Her work is so beautiful and fun!



  • Posted 6th April 2011

a series of unrelated pictures.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6


  • Posted 6th April 2011

Andreas Öhlund for Cover Magazine, February – via Summer Teeth


vogue australia – march

  • Posted 6th April 2011

i die die die for these pictures. the colors are so rich and vibrant.

Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia, March.



  • Posted 5th April 2011

i think this may be one of my favorite color sets so far.



  • Posted 4th April 2011

i was busy stumbling when i came across this amazing project called Book. Basically for 36 weeks a sketchbook was sent in random order between 4 artist in Brooklyn and Belfast. The artist would keep the book for 5 days before sending it on to the next and a small portion of their design would extend onto the following page. Other than that there was no communication between the artists.

I wanna do this!!

so fun right??


  • Posted 4th April 2011

…lend your ears to music, open your eyes to painting, and… stop thinking! just ask yourself whether the work has enabled you to “walk about” into a hitherto unknown world. if the answer is yes… what more do you want?

kandinsky 1910

art project!

  • Posted 4th April 2011

im not in love with this quote.. but the idea on the other hand! I want to make a huge canvas with a quote that { i am } in love with, with pages from one of my favorite books.. too many ideas, so little time.

via pinterest

wit + delight

  • Posted 4th April 2011

Wit + Delight is one of my favorite blogs. The designer, Kate Gabriel, creates the most interesting posts and inspiration boards. I just want to be like her when I grow up lol.

via wit+delight


  • Posted 4th April 2011

if i had to design one thing for the rest of my life.. other than magazines.. i would choose wedding invitations. i die for them. and lately people have been getting pretty creative. i have no idea how i will decide on a design for my own when i get hitched o_O !

Check out these delicious pre-made invitations from Minted!



  • Posted 3rd April 2011

More things from my portfolio. I plan on putting the prints in my etsy shop once I get control of my life and open shop :) The designs are based on one of my paintings inspired by Kandinsky.


  • Posted 3rd April 2011

Designer Victoria Macey created this “magical typographic pop-up book called Bodoni Bedlam.” Once again I am completely enthralled and obsessed with this and want to have one for my own. See more pictures here.

omg yes.

this right here.

  • Posted 2nd April 2011

although i describe everything i really like with “i love” and “im totally obsessed” this apartment is one of those things truly deserving of the expression.


two pictures.

  • Posted 2nd April 2011

everything about this kitchen makes me infinitely happy.

1, 2


  • Posted 2nd April 2011

oh how i miss thee.


  • Posted 1st April 2011

swank. conceptual magazine covers from my portfolio. I will post the spreads later. i pretty much live for publication design.


  • Posted 1st April 2011


  • Posted 1st April 2011

story of my life.

rinze van brug.

  • Posted 31st March 2011

amazing photographer rinze van brug. plus im obsessed with these clothes and this girl and her hair.


oh karla.

  • Posted 31st March 2011

karla’s closet


  • Posted 31st March 2011

i love everything about this picture. the girl, her hair, her style, the clothes, the door, these colors. yes. yes. yes.


where the lost + lovelies are.

  • Posted 30th March 2011

2 spreads from my coffee table book. the prints on the 2nd page are from highschool! it is insane how fast time flies by.

snazzy apartment.

  • Posted 30th March 2011

when i am not wrapped up in indesign, photoshop, and illustrator.. i am busy having an affair with house stuff haha all things furniture, paint, books, and architecture.

while browsing minted condition I came across this FAB apartment feature from Vogue Daily. The apartment belongs to super cute couple Laura and Diego Garcia, and is filled with tons of stuff I want to make my own :) I need a new place asap!

obsession fulfilled.

cocorosa = new obsession!

  • Posted 30th March 2011

I was browsing pinterest when I came across the blog Cocorosa. It literally took me less than 60sec to become obsessed. Check out the photos && read this snippet and you’ll see why.

“Meet Chantal, the lovely creator of the blog cocorosa. Having started her Blog in New York city writing about her style musings and her science fiction love for Galactic Battle Stars and robotics she surely likes to indulge herself in a dreamy world of silky pastels, tutu’s, glitters and bows but this urban fairy is not afraid to pair the pretty with the rough. Globe trotting ever since, going back and forth between her native Holland and New York this smiling creature wants to be free as a galactic bird.”

Looooove it!


  • Posted 29th March 2011

two prints from my sketchbook. Im thinking of creating limited edition prints and notecard sets etc. to sell on etsy. coming soon :)

Françoise Nielly

  • Posted 27th March 2011

Gosh this painting is beautiful!! I want to paint and be painted by this artist!