• Posted 20th December 2011

im taking a little break for the holidays, which is why my posts have been slowly trickling in. i have been wrapping up some projects and have some new exciting things coming up in 2012. i will definitely continue pinterest-ing and tumblr-ing but i promise to pick back up after christmas and my birthday (NYE)!
Happy Holidays!


  • Posted 11th December 2011

i kinda love new york artist aurel schmidt, tiny vices says “Downtown New York sensation Aurel Schmidt is a drawer, socialite and erotic photographer. Often seen at Lit lounge trolling for teenagers, she also enjoys tanning and swimming.” nice. see more of her work here, i love it.


  • Posted 8th December 2011

i kinda love this painting but i cannot figure out who the artist is! i know i have photos of a house saved somewhere with lots of work by this artist but i cant remember where. anyone know who it is?


can i spend my holiday here?

  • Posted 8th December 2011

this looks exactly like what i need to get over my seasonal stuffy nose and sore throat. a weekend trip to the warm and wildly colorful Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona! Apparently it is pretty new and was “inspired by the contemporary architecture of Mexico and the Arizona desert… designed around the color and light of the surrounding landscape.” sounds good to me!



  • Posted 8th December 2011

i love these oversize paintings by young australian artist Marc Freeman that i found on the design files. the vibrant colors and layering is kinda dreamy i’d love to see these in person and learn more about his technique.

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