• Posted 4th December 2011

love these photos from marie claire south africa i found on oracle fox. btw i know ive been a super slacker but ive been continuously updating my tumblr if you happen to be starved for some inspiration.


  • Posted 28th November 2011

oh todd selby. you never cease to amaze me. i am so in love with Angelika Taschen’s Berlin home. its so simple yet impossibly glamourous. although the fact that angelika is ammmaaazing and id love to have her job doesnt hurt.


  • Posted 27th November 2011

i love love love these paintings by california artist Doug Glovaski. They remind me of Rothko and my trip to the aquarium. He has a lot of interesting pieces posted on his tumblr, definitely worth taking a peek.


  • Posted 26th November 2011

i spent my thanksgiving holiday in atlanta and one of the things we did while there was visit the georgia aquarium. it was definitely and unforgettable experience. i felt like a little kid the entire time. some of the exhibits were typical of a zoo but i few were pretty mind blowing. i just kept thinking how crazy it is that nature created all of these amazing colors.


  • Posted 24th November 2011


  • Posted 23rd November 2011

i love these photos shot by Theo Wenner for Self Service. The girls all look like they are still pondering a decision or discovery from the night before and have been so wrapped up in the future they’ve stayed up all night in their outfits from the party.


  • Posted 22nd November 2011

wow! these are amazing and there are about 100 more here. and here.

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