• Posted 22nd November 2011

once again im lost for words. perfection. via dti


  • Posted 22nd November 2011

i swear i have a new artist crush every other day. today and for a while its gotta
be brooklyn based artist, vince contarino. i mean seriously? how amazing.


  • Posted 22nd November 2011

in the make is one of my favorite websites. Their latest post featured uber talented artist Gabriel Schama. His pieces are so detailed and intricate it’s seriously blowing my mind.


  • Posted 11th November 2011

thank god it’s friday! i’ve been a bit lazy with the posts lately but only because i’ve been so busy with my million other little projects. although i did just buy a snazzy new camera with some vintage lenses and such, so things are gonna get real interesting around here once i figure out how to use it :)


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