• Posted 22nd October 2011

i have been a fan of photographer kari herer for a long time. although, i jsut recently discovered that she was the photographer behind the beautiful flower & antler images i had seen floating around the internet. many of herer’s prints are available on her etsy here.


  • Posted 12th October 2011

i dont know what it is, but lately i have really had a thing for giant maps. here are 3 photos i came across on tumblr recently that i just love.


  • Posted 12th October 2011

how fun are these colorful slingshots crafted by london based designer christopher jarratt? each is made from a found forked tree branch, so no two are alike. i think they would make super great gifts! you can order them here. now if i could only decide on a color.

see more photos here.

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