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R29 recently posted an interview with Meaghan Murphy of Book/Shop Oakland (one of my favs) and two of her responses really resonated with me and my feelings towards printed literature and reading in general. You can read the full interview here.

What are your thoughts on the argument that print is dead?
“Print will never die, in my opinion. The books I collect don’t get turned into e-books, and, even if they did, I would never use a device to read them. There is a certain intimacy in the bends of the spine and the penciled notes I might jot in the columns of my books. I also wouldn’t be able to part with the stacks of books I have on every available surface in my home. Perhaps this is due to my inclination to collect things, but I find it so pleasing being able to pick a recipe out of an old book of Elizabeth David’s or select a book to send home with a dinner guest.
“I recently read an article about a new app that will allow you to read a novel in 80 minutes and, I’m sorry to say, I just don’t understand the appeal to this. Reading is about the luxury of slowing down for an hour and transporting yourself to another place and time. It is the best kind of escapism. I really have no interest in, or understanding of, anyone who sees reading as nothing more than a chore.”
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What is your philosophy when it comes to literature?
“The best kind of literature never stops revealing its secrets to you. Each time you open it, it will speak something different. My favorite books are the ones I read once a year or once every few years — not because of the pleasure in it, but because there is still more to learn.”

well said.
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  1. I LOVE this, and I can’t wait to read the full interview. It’s refreshing to hear someone say that they would never read a book on a device. I never have and I never will either. I love reading and collecting books. I love the feeling of carrying a book in my arm or in my bag. I love roaming through bookstores and libraries. I think of books as a treasure. Although I think I’m more of a cynic than Meaghan, because I do feel like print is dying. I hope she’s right though! Thanks for sharing this, it’s the most inspiring post I’ve read this morning! :)

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