Assisi was amazing. I wish I could’ve spent at least a night there vs just a few hours, but it was one of my favorite little stops. The entire city was cobble stone and felt like a giant olive garden haha. I took tons of touristy pictures and literally COULD not get over the unbelievable view. It looked exactly like every painting of italy I’ve ever seen.
Just before getting to Assisi, we stopped at a small vineyard and got drunk on strawberry wine and chocolate haha. I bought my mom this delicious truffle honey and in hindsight, should have bought a bottle to bring home as well.
On the way to Roma I wrote in my journal that it was so refreshing to get back to the things I love. Observing, reading, writing, seeing new places, listening to music and truly hearing and feeling it. These all seem like normal everyday things, but it’s amazing how life gets in the way and you really cherish having time to just listen to an entire playlist while looking out the window. no responsibilities, no worries. just in the moment.
I’d forgotten how much I loved Rome. I’m SO glad I made myself keep a journal the entire time. I was super OCD about detailing every thing I did each night or morning so I could relive the trip whenever I like. I ate so much pizza and gelato in italy its ridiculous. and by pizza I mean the entire thing, almost every day. gelato like 3x a day hahaha, no shame.

Whenever people ask about my favorite cities, I always say I loved Rome, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. It actually looked the way I imagined Spain ha. and I hated how touristy it was in areas (but this was true in most places) and how many cheesy tourist shops there were, selling the same junk (that was likely made in china) taking up spaces in the beautiful ancient buildings.
I wrote “Rome is so exotic. There are parts that look exactly like a city within a jungle. Deteriorating buildings in the most beautiful colors amidst tons of trees and foliage. The burnt orange, pale pinks and blues, against shades of green, black and cream are my favorite.”
OMG the Vatican. I’m not going to say much about it, because I’m not sure how to even describe how much I enjoyed it. The museum, the history, the Sistine Chapel. St. Peter’s Basilica. ugh. I need to go back, but again it’s something that I feel like I’ll either never return to or wait until I have children to take and share it with, because there are so many other places in Italy and even Rome I’m still dying to visit.
The ceilings and the statues, were hands down my favorite. They had so much emotion, so much pain. and the insane level of perfection and detail. gahhh.. this is the reason I haven’t been properly artgasming hahaha. I need to get back to Europe and have my socks blown off.
Next stop under the tuscan sun.


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